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Kingsmen Alumni Corps 10th Anniversary Party

Kingsmen Alumni Corps 10th Anniversary Party

50th Anniversary Celebration!

Hi friends!

The celebration is on!  Save the date:  July 25, 2015.

Friends, fans and family are invitedto join us for a casual lunch on July 25th to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the Kingsmen Organization.  Lets celebrate in style and reunite with our fellow Kingsmen from all eras!



Thank You Ken Nease...

Tuesday November 22nd 2005 First Tuesday night rehearsal of the KAC Hornline Ken Nease volunteered the use of the Western High School Band room so that the Kingsmen Alumni Corps Hornline could rehearse on Tuesday nights. These Tuesday night rehearsals continued for the entire course of the project, with attendance averaging between 40 to 60 horns.
Kingsmen Alumni Corps
After 35 years Ken Nease has his chops back: Ken Nease Kingsmen Article

December Birthdays!

Happy Birthday to all of our Alumni born in December!

December Birthdays
Full Name Corps/Years KAC
Armando Ayala 76-78 Snare
Ashley Newton 74 Baritone 2007: B35
Bill Johnson 74 Mallets
Bob Powers 71-72 Crusaders 73 French Horn 2007: H3
Cal Laub 76-77 Baritone
Cindy Richter Gau 78 Flag
Curt Jones 85-86 Euphonium
Debbie Pouliot Clark 67-72 Flag 2007: F3
Debra Trotter Peterson 83 Rifle 04-06 Renegades 2007: R17
Donna Lynn Jackson 74 flag 76 rifle 2007: R12
Gary Lee 68-74 VK (SISTER SHERYL LEE IN KINGSMEN 72) 2007: S36
Jennifer Barrow Bullington 89/90 Flag
June Kellog Cromwell 67-71 Flag 2007: F18
Karen Anderson Wraight 65-68 Captain 2007: G1
Kathy Serksnis 77-79 Santa Clara Vanguard Rifle 2007: R6
Katrina Murray Brenda's daughter 2007: H10
Kevin Monahan SCV 79/80 2007: B7
Larry Chico Eiffert 72 Soprano 73 Tenor(tri) 2007: $1
Merry Wilbur Medvec 71 Flag 72 Rifle 73 Flag 2007: N15
Mike Hubbard 67-68 Tenor 69-72 Snare
Peg Bishop 78-79 Guardsmen 03-06 Royal Aires 2007: R21
Ralph Marsh 64-75 Blue Stars 03 Royal-Aires 04 Renegades 2007: S42
Randy Palmer 71 Baritone 2007: B17
Robert Buckley 1964-1967 Drum Major
Ron Barbee CSULB Alumni Trumpet 2007: S5
Starla Pool Robertson 67-70 Flag
Tim Martin 78 Soprano
Timothy Van Keuren 78-82 Capital Freelancers Baritone 2007: B42
Tony Lopez 78 Soprano 2007: S14
Tony Ricotta 74 Soprano 78 SCV 2007: S30
Walter Powell 88 Kingsmen 89 SuncoastSound 90/'91/'92 SCV