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A Special "Thank You" to Chris Naughtin sticky icon

Back in June 2015 we lost one of our Kingsmen brothers, Chris Naughtin. Chris had a deep love for The Kingsmen and the drum corps activity. Chris attended Millikan High school in Long Beach and was part of their ROTC program where he performed with the rifle drill team. This is where he was first introduced to the drum corps activity at various local parades. Chris soon found himself in the Lakewood Diplomats. Like many others of us, Chris moved on to the Anaheim Kingsmen in 1972 and performed in a very good cymbal line to win the first DCI Championship. Chris continued to practice and he found himself in the bass drum line of the 1973 Kingsmen. We became very good friends that year and we taught the Los Caballeros youth band together. I started giving him lessons and he continued to improve as a percussionist. Chris soon found himself in The Kingsmen tympani line as part of one of the top two drum lines in 1974.

Chris was financially very solid and made several anonymous donations to the Kingsmen Alumni Corps (KAC) as well as The Kingsmen Drumline & Colorguard (Junior Corps) effort after the conclusion of the alumni corps project. I had many conversations with Chris over the years about making donations to the current organization, Kingsmen StarCorps, Inc. These always included naming the organization as a beneficiary in his trust.

Sadly after Chris passed away, I heard from one of the trust attorneys that The Kingsmen StarCorps was named in his final will. The current organization headed up by Tim Benge has received the trust donation and has since opted for an investment, and at this current time, will fund underprivileged kids scholarships in various music and visual arts programs including the drum corps activity. The future of any Kingsmen performing unit will be up to the current board of directors of the Kingsmen StarCorps.

In honor of Chris and his mother Caroline, who was a uniform volunteer in 1972, and his father Howard, these scholarships will be referred to as the "Naughtin Memorial Scholarship".

Jim Whobrey, June 2017

Chris Naughtin is on the right

50th Anniversary Celebration!

Hi friends!

The celebration is on!  Save the date:  July 25, 2015.

Friends, fans and family are invitedto join us for a casual lunch on July 25th to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the Kingsmen Organization.  Lets celebrate in style and reunite with our fellow Kingsmen from all eras!



December Birthdays!

Happy Birthday to all of our Alumni born in December!

December Birthdays
Full Name Corps/Years KAC
Armando Ayala 76-78 Snare
Ashley Newton 74 Baritone 2007: B35
Bill Johnson 74 Mallets
Bob Powers 71-72 Crusaders 73 French Horn 2007: H3
Cal Laub 76-77 Baritone
Cindy Richter Gau 78 Flag
Curt Jones 85-86 Euphonium
Debbie Pouliot Clark 67-72 Flag 2007: F3
Debra Trotter Peterson 83 Rifle 04-06 Renegades 2007: R17
Donna Lynn Jackson 74 flag 76 rifle 2007: R12
Gary Lee 68-74 VK (SISTER SHERYL LEE IN KINGSMEN 72) 2007: S36
Jennifer Barrow Bullington 89/90 Flag
June Kellog Cromwell 67-71 Flag 2007: F18
Karen Anderson Wraight 65-68 Captain 2007: G1
Kathy Serksnis 77-79 Santa Clara Vanguard Rifle 2007: R6
Katrina Murray Brenda's daughter 2007: H10
Kevin Monahan SCV 79/80 2007: B7
Larry Chico Eiffert 72 Soprano 73 Tenor(tri) 2007: $1
Merry Wilbur Medvec 71 Flag 72 Rifle 73 Flag 2007: N15
Mike Hubbard 67-68 Tenor 69-72 Snare
Peg Bishop 78-79 Guardsmen 03-06 Royal Aires 2007: R21
Ralph Marsh 64-75 Blue Stars 03 Royal-Aires 04 Renegades 2007: S42
Randy Palmer 71 Baritone 2007: B17
Robert Buckley 1964-1967 Drum Major
Ron Barbee CSULB Alumni Trumpet 2007: S5
Starla Pool Robertson 67-70 Flag
Tim Martin 78 Soprano
Timothy Van Keuren 78-82 Capital Freelancers Baritone 2007: B42
Tony Lopez 78 Soprano 2007: S14
Tony Ricotta 74 Soprano 78 SCV 2007: S30
Walter Powell 88 Kingsmen 89 SuncoastSound 90/'91/'92 SCV

October Birthdays

Happy Birthday to all of our Alumni born in October!


October Birthdays
Full Name Corps/Years KAC
Barbara Gorton Parish 76-77 Flag
Bill Geimann 76-78 Kingsmen 79-82 Blue Devils 2007: Y2
Bill McGaffey 62-69 Tenor
Bob Beachin 1974 Soprano 2007: S31
Byron Smith 75-76 Snare
Christi Bennett Ennaco 82 Flag 2007: F24
Curt Bauer 77-78 Mellophone
Dale Lofgren 73 Tenor 74 Snare 2007: $9
Dana Trueblood Chogyoji 63-64 Anaheim Scouts 65-66 VK
David Adkins 75-76 Snare 2007: $13
David Weir 80 Freelancers Soprano 2007: S2
Eric Ferdman 77-78 Mellophone 81 Blue Devils 2007: M10
Garrison Kean 68-70 French Horn 73-74 DM 76-78 Brass Instructor 2007: Corps Director
Glen Lucero 64-66 VK 03 Dream Snare 2007: D3
Greg Marderos 74 B Corps 76-78 Mellophone 2007: H7
Janice West Ortiz 70 Flag 2007: N12
Jeff Glahn 83 French Horn
Jerry Clark LBUSD 2007: T3
Jim Fitzgerald 79 Milford Shoreliners 03-05 Renegades 2007: B13
Jim Maitland 65-70 Cymbals
Jim Silverstein Stevenson 72-73 Mellophone 76-78 M&M Staff
John Cappelletty 76 Soprano
Ken Van Wuyckhuyse 73-74 Soprano 2007: S10
Kim Humburg 74 Flag 2007: F2
Kraig Maaser 93 Freelancers 02 Dream Mello 2007: M4
Larry Bacher 76 Baritone
Monika Schneider Leiterman 69-70 Flag 2007: F22
Paul Olivo 78 SVC Soprano 2007: M14
Paul Young 77 Baritone 2007: B36
Rene LeRitz Mason 73Flag74Rifle76-78captain
Sal Cipres 77-78 Mallets 2007: Q8
Sara Yarnell Griffen 74-80 2007: F13
Scott Birdsall 62-63 Scouts 64-65 Kingsmen 66-69 VK
Stan Carter 76-77 Soprano
Steve Warmbier 76-78 Cymbals 2007: T5
Tad Clayton Rough 74 Baritone 2007: B48
Todd Hoppus 74 Baritone
Tom Finklea 66-68 Soprano
Virginia Perez Grainville 71-72 Flag
William Polacek
2007: D2

May Birthdays

Happy Birthday to all of our Alumni born in May!
May Birthdays
Full Name Corps/Years KAC
Andre Mason 77-78 Drum Major 2007: X5
Andrea Hensley Butler 72-74 Flag 2007: F17
Becky Way Adams 73-74 Flag 2007: F10
Bobbie Fallon 65-70 Timpani
Brenda Markham Murray 71-72 Rifle 74-76 Instructor 2007: R16
Brian Neilson 82/83Kingsmen 84-86 VK Bari
Bruce Bonney 71 Cymbals 72 Snare 2007: $5
Carol Tollefson Henry 68-73 Royal Cavaliers Trumpet
Casey Gillett 2004 Black Knights Pacific Crest 2007: D1
Charlie Prater 64-68 French Horn
Chris Stambaugh 76-77 Soprano
David Bandy 74 Drum Major 2007: X3
David Martinez 75 Baritone
David Palinsky 76 Baritone
Don Sieveke 67-69 Soprano 2007: B39
Frank Marchese 74 Cymbals
George Andrus 70 Cymbals
Greg Thomas 71-73 French Horn 76-78 M&M Staff 2007: H8
Heidi Nissenson Barrier 71 National Squad Sabre
Jason Wong 77-78 Contra
Julia Walker Lamb 82 Flag
Kelle Murray Mike Murrays wife 2007: N7
Ken Alva 76 Baritone 2007: B40
Kimberly Weigner Dove 75-77 Golden Statesmen 78 Kingsmen Flag
Larry Andy Middleton 74-81 Seattle Imperials 05 PA 2007: Q4
Laura Severson De la Torre 82 Flag/Rifle 2007: F11
Liz Osaka Rivera 70/75 Imperial Dragons 2007: S44
Marc Wasserman 85 Soprano
Marty Sacksteder 74 Bass 76-78 Snare 2007: $16
Maureen Walter Heckman 67-70 Albacores/Statesmen 71-75 SCV 2007: F9
Peter Baird 75 Baritone 2007: B9
Ray Mallen 61-64 St Pats 65-69 St Lucys Mellophone 2007: M7
Raymond Feller 60-64 66-67 69-77 97-2006 Buccaneer 2007: B32
Rick Freese 82 Baritone
Roberta Cotten Ellington 75-78 VK 79 WCExpress 80-81 Imperials 2007: F6
Sue Elliott Hatfield 69-71 Flag
Ted Silon 79-80 North Star-snare (Chrome Wall) 2007: P3
Tim Maldonado 72-73 Soprano
Tom Tewes 73-74 Baritone
Tom Verdegem 69-70 cym 72 Tenor(tri)
Wally Buice 65-71 Soprano 2007: S12
Wendy Paquin 65-72/75-78 Guard Inst. Seneca 2007: F8