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Kingsmen Chronology

By adminkac - Posted on 21 January 2010

*** Kingsmen Chronology of Events ***

Date Event Notes
January 31st 2003 founded by Garrison Kean:

All Kingsmen - All The Time!
The Kingsmen Alumni website is born.

On January 31st, 2003, was created as a tribute to The Kingsmen Drum&Bugle Corps, AKA: Anaheim Kingsmen.

We have come a long way since that day, and I am very happy that so many of our alumni have found each other and reconnected in ways that previously were only in my dreams. Our alumni have contributed volumes of photos and recordings, and have devoted hours upon hours to not only build this site, but to help rebuild The Kingsmen. I thank all of you for your hard work, your support, and your determined attitudes that have contributed to our success so far.

Thanks to Michael Ellerby for staying in contact with our alumni all these years, and the power of the internet, we currently have 533 Kingsmen Alumni in our database and I estimate that we have the potential to create an alumni association of over 1000 people.

In the spirit and intent of this site, I would like to remind all Kingsmen Alumni that this site is the home of The Kingsmen Alumni Association. All alumni are welcome here, and you are also welcome to join us at all Kingsmen Alumni Reunions and events.

With the power of, I look forward to helping our alumni reconnect for many years, and I hope all of you will join us in our quest to find our missing friends.

Please take a few moments to surf our forum. You never know who you might find.

And thank you for visiting
January 13th 2004 Kingsmen Starcorps incorporated by Garrison Kean/Jim Whobrey/Richard Call After an unsuccessful 18 month venture with previous management, the decision was made to incorporate a new generation of Kingsmen.
Kingsmen Alumni Corps
Thursday April 7 2005 DCI publishes article by Garrison Kean 1974 Anaheim Kingsmen

April 21st 2005 1974 Kingsmen Show featured during DCI Classic Countdown Kingsmen Alumni attended a cinema viewing of the 1974 Kingsmen DCI Championship Show at Regal Theaters in the Spectrum in Irvine CA.

Kingsmen Alumni Corps

Saturday May 7th 2005 First meeting of Kingsmen Starcorps Board of Directors held in Torrance CA In attendance: Jim Whobrey, Brenda Markham Murray, Gary Kean, Charles Otto, Lynne Hall Otto, Keith Wilbur, Michael Ellerby, Richard Call, Michael Strevel, Ernie Mazzone, Dale Lofgren, Charlie Groh, and Steve Warmbier.
Saturday June 24th 2005 Kingsmen Alumni attend local drum corps show at Veterans Stadium Long Beach This get together was an extention of the alumni reunion held at the Souplantation in Fountain Valley the same day. A large group of Kingsmen Alumni enjoyed attending a local drum corps show together. From the top of the stadium, a sea of Kingsmen jackets was clearly visible. Ironically, this was the same stadium that Kim Humburg chose as an ideal location for the 1st Annual Kingsmen Invitational that was held on August 8th, 2007, during Kamp DCI.
Kingsmen Alumni Corps
Among those pictured are... Listed by maiden name.... Pat Ferrara, Donna Warcocki, Ron Housley, Glenn Nash, Bruce Bonney, Diane Nance, Tim Park, Steve Warmbier, Steve Munsey, Gary Kean, Jim (Breeze) Caron, Keith Mcduff, Michael Ellerby, Bobby Fallon, John (Moose) Fallon, George Powers, Bob Powers, Chuck Otto, Lynne Hall, Carol Brokke, Debbie Johnson, Debbie Pouliot, Brenda Markham, Linda Markham, Mike Braga, Jeff (No Jive) Adams, Edgar Aliviado, Lester Moore, Dale Nissenson, Jerry Garcia, Bill Hassing, Barbara Armstrong, Andrea Hensley, Tim Butler, Steve Adams, Joe Rybus, Keith Wilbur, Jim Whobrey, David Weinberg, Chris Naughtin, Gary Haroldson, Cal Laub.
Sunday June 25th 2005 2nd Board of Directors Meeting with invited guests Kingsmen Rifle reunion particpants attended this board meeting. Debbie Johnson volunteered to model the new Kingsmen uniform.

Kingsmen Alumni Corps
August 2005 DCI was contacted to get approval for The Kingsmen to perform at the DCI Championships in August 2007 Carol Brokke-Jordan accepted the task of coordinating DCI's requirements for the Kingsmen to perform at DCI.
September 2005 100 members signed up  
October 2005 70 more members signed up  Joe Rybus invited The Kingsmen Alumni to his Beach House in Newport Beach on October 30th, 2005. 24 horn players and guests walked to the beach where they played Folk Song Suite for the first time.
Tuesday November 22nd 2005 First Tuesday night rehearsal of the KAC Hornline Ken Nease volunteered the use of the Western High School Band room so that the Kingsmen Alumni Corps Hornline could rehearse on Tuesday nights. These Tuesday night rehearsals continued for the entire course of the project, with attendance averaging between 40 to 60 horns.
Kingsmen Alumni Corps
Sunday November 27th 2005 First full Corps rehearsal at California Baptist University in Riverside from 1-4 PM The Sunday after Thanksgiving people came from out of the area and out of the state to take part in this historic afternoon. Brass sectionals were held in the Wallace Theater while the guard practiced on the front lawn and the drummers on pads in the courtyard. The guard stood in a circle and introduced themselves (some were re-introductions) and gave a brief history of where and when they marched and then they shared their medical stories.....

At the end of the day the brass and percussion played Folk Song Suite for a run through and the guard performed the off the line moves and what they knew of the opener equipment work. Many hugs and smiles all around.
December 10th 2005 DCI gives the approval for the Kingsmen to perform at DCI Semifinals in Pasadena in August 2007 Kingsmen to perform at DCI in 2007!

Great News from Carol:

Dan Acheshon extended an invitation for the Kingsmen Alumni Drum and Bugle Corps to perform as the final corps at the 2007 DCI SEMIFINALS! For those who haven't been, this is a HUGE show. There are nearly as many people at the Semis as there are at finals because there are 17 corps competing for the final 12 spots; emotions are running high, and competition is fierce. We'll be the final corps of the evening, so our beautiful uniforms, fantastic music and intense performance will shine!

He's amazed we've come so far so quickly with our membership (as of this writing) well over 170 people! He did pose one condition, and that is we have to put our money where our mouth is, so to speak. He'll be coming out to SoCal several times over the next couple of years to oversee the week-long event, and is looking forward to seeing what we have to offer.

So ladies and gentlemen, it's all on us now. We have a lot of work to do, recruiting, rehearsing and putting together a show that will be talked about for years. We're up to it, and I for one am going to go throw a few quads in celebration!

Carol (Brokke) Jordan Flag 69, Rifle 70-74
January 2006 Kingsmen Management attends DCI Convention in Pasadena CA The sound of the 1974 Kingsmen playing Mambo was heard during this DCI Convention. Even after 35 years, comparisons are still made to The Kingsmen.
January 21st 2006 2nd full Corps rehearsal at California Baptist University in Riverside This was the first rehearsal the took place after the official notification from DCI that the KAC was invited to perform at the DCI Championship Semi-Finals on August 10th, 2007 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.
February 20th 2006 Potential membership (yes list) reaches 300  
March 2006 Dynasty USA agrees to provide percussion equipment under a sponsorship/endorsement arrangement
March 8th 2006 Don Porter elected to the DCI Hall of Fame Don Porter, a former naval officer and aerospace engineer, took over what would eventually become the Anaheim Kingsmen in 1963. In the pre-DCI era, Porter lead the Kingsmen to an American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) California State Championships in 1966. Porter directed the Anaheim Kingsmen until 1972.

“Although he was highly successful in dealing with Southern California’s power elite, he is best remembered by those who knew him for his ability to recruit, organize, manage and motivate parents and other volunteers,” said William Borges in Porter’s hall of fame nomination letter. Borges was the first drum major of the Kingsmen.

Nominator Robert Schroeder noted Porter’s wisdom in his hall of fame nomination letter for Porter. “He was well-respected by his peers within the drum corps community. On many occasions, he willingly provided counsel and assistance to managers of other corps who sought his advice, several who also have been inducted in the Hall of Fame,” Schroeder said.

Porter, who passed away in 1998, is being inducted posthumously.

The Legacy Committee of the DCI board recognizes that those who have been away from the activity for several years may not be well known to current members of the board and hall of fame members, and DCI does not want those persons disadvantaged through the regular election process.

Fabrizio and Porter will be recognized as a new member of the Hall of Fame during 2006 finals week, and will be officially inducted during the DCI board of directors meeting in January, 2007.
April 2006 Sabian Cymbals agrees to sponsor The Kingsmen

May 2006 Promark Drum Sticks&Mallets agrees to sponsor The Kingsmen
June 24th 2006 Kamp Kingsmen 2006 and first public performance of the Kingsmen since 1986 at Walnut CA Kingsmen Alumni Corps
July 2006 Standstill performance at the Bellflower show sponsored by Impulse  
July 2006 Standstill performance at the Loud Music Symposium in Torrance CA  
August 2006 Kingsmen Alumni attend DCI Championships in Madison Wisconsin Kingsmen Alumni Corps
September 2006 First order for 250 cadet-style uniforms submitted
Saturday October 28th 2006 The Kingsmen Alumni Corps marches in the Anaheim Halloween SPOOKTACULAR parade The Kingsmen returned to the Anaheim Halloween parade for the first time in over 30 years and performed Folk Song Suite from their 1972 World Championship show. The Corps wore their Performance Uniforms as well as blinking blue lights on their collars. Kim Humburg designed a special banner for the Corps as part of the parade requirements. See graphic below.
Kingsmen Alumni Corps
November 2006 Kingsmen representatives meet with the City of Anaheim Kingsmen Alumni Corps
December 6th 2006 KAC Percussion perform at University of LaVerne Steve Biondo invited the KAC percussion to perform on stage at the University of LaVerne.
Kingsmen Alumni Corps

Kingsmen Alumni Corps
December 2006 Full corps has learned the entire drill to the opener  
Saturday January 20th 2007 Kingsmen perform at the NAMM Convention in Anaheim CA Drum Corps International, at the request of NAMM (International Music Products Association) extended an invitation for The Kingsmen Alumni Corps to perform at NAMM SHOW 2007 in order to help promote the upcoming Drum Corps International Championships to be held in Pasadena, California in August 2007. This was a tremendous opportunity for the KAC to help promote the entire drum corps activity, our own DCI 2007 performance, as well as our generous equipment sponsors. Representatives from Dynasty, Promark and Sabian attended this event. Special thanks to Jim Whobrey for bringing this relationship together.

Our NAMM Show Repertoire: Folk Song Suite, George (Drum Solo), {Exodus, Johnny, March to the Scaffold} ie: JEB, Play in Time (Jethro Drum Solo), and Mambo.
Kingsmen Alumni Corps
Tuesday January 23rd 2007 Kingsmen featured in Orange County Register article
January 2007 Evans Drum Heads agrees to sponsor The Kingsmen
January 2007 Full corps learned drill to the first drum solo  
February 7th 2007 Kingsmen Souvenir Website is created An agreement was signed with Pacific Promotional Design to sell KAC Souvenirs via a new website.
February 19th 2007 Kingsmen Cadet uniform fitting and photos What a day! What can be said about the donning of our much awaited authentic Kingsmen cadet uniforms???

Many thanks to the Diane Nance and the color guard members who worked so hard and smiled so often.....A day we will never forget.....

On the heels of learning our third drill number...together...a weekend at Western High School for the history books!!!!

With the arrival of our new cadet uniforms we realized that ”We are a Real Drum Corps!"
Kingsmen Alumni Corps

Kingsmen Alumni Corps
February 2007 Full corps learned the drill for the color presentation  
Tuesday February 13 2007 Kingsmen take to the field - OCR interview with Joe Rybus
March 2007 Second drum solo and first concert move finished visually  
Friday April 20th 2007 StarNight Soiree: an evening to benefit the Kingsmen StarCorps A fund raising event was held for the junior corps at the Knotts Berry Farm Resort Hotel
April 2007 Completed all but nine sets of the closer  
May 2007 Entire visual program completed  
Saturyday May 12th 2007 KAC Percussion perform at Drums Across California Championships Kingsmen Alumni Corps
June 2007 300 KAC members attend Kamp Kingsmen 2007 Kingsmen Alumni Corps

Kingsmen Alumni Corps
July 4th 2007 KAC performs with Pacific Symphony at the Verizon Ampitheater in Irvine CA Kingsmen Alumni Corps

Kingsmen Alumni Corps

July 14th 2007 The first field show performance for the Kingsmen in over two decades The Kingsmen Alumni Corps performed their full field show for the first time at Veterans Stadium in Long Beach. This show was hosted by Impulse. Performing at this show helped build our member's confidence in their performance abilities.
Kamp DCI August 3-11 2007 The KAC held a 10 day camp at California State University Long Beach CA Kingsmen Alumni Corps Kingsmen Alumni Corps

Kingsmen Alumni Corps

Kingsmen Alumni Corps

August 8th 2007 The 1st Annual Kingsmen Invitational at Veterans Stadium Long Beach CA Kingsmen Alumni Corps

Kingsmen Alumni Corps

August 10th 2007 The Kingsmen take the field at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena CA for DCI Kingsmen Alumni Corps

Kingsmen Alumni Corps

Kingsmen Alumni Corps

Kingsmen Alumni Corps

Kingsmen Alumni Corps

Sunday August 12 2007 Orange County Register publishes article about KAC DCI Performance OCR Article


Kingsmen Alumni Corps

Saturday October 27th 2007 The Kingsmen Alumni Corps marches in the Anaheim Halloween SPOOKTACULAR parade The Kingsmen returned to the Anaheim Halloween parade for the second time and performed Blue Meanies and So Very Hard To Go. The Corps wore full cadet uniforms as well as blinking blue lights on their collars. The guard also wore some blue blinking glasses. At the last minute, the KAC was asked to lead the parade because the local schools cancelled all outdoor activities for students due to the fires. A party was held at Don Jose's in Anaheim after the parade.
Kingsmen Alumni Corps

Kingsmen Alumni Corps