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2007-06-23 Kamp Kingsmen at CBU

By adminkac - Posted on 13 November 2010

Kamp Kingsmen 2007 June 20 - 24

California Baptist University, Riverside


Revised price 3/9/07


CBU is a tobacco-free and alcohol-free campus.


Camp check-in will be Wednesday afternoon followed by dinner, and a welcome and orientation session in the Wallace Theater that evening. CBU is again providing us with use of their facilities at no charge.


Checkout will be Sunday morning. Room keys and access cards must be returned then. There is a charge for lost keys and cards.


There is a $5.00 per day user fee for camp attendees who are not staying on campus.  Three registration plans will be available:


?  Lodging and meals (in the cafeteria)                        $140.00 for the week

?  Meals only (10 meals)                                               $80.00 for the week


Sunday Brunch is available but is NOT included in the meal plan. You may purchase meals on your own at the cafeteria or at Wanda’s Café if you do not wish to purchase a meal plan.  Packages for partial lodging and/or food are NOT available.


Bed and bath linens for the week will be available for $10.00. Pillows are available for $2.00.


We will be housed in the Cottages as well as the Lancer Arms Apartments. The Cottages are five-bedroom three bath modular housing units that will house 9 persons. The apartments are one or two bedroom units, each with one bath, which will house two or four persons. All housing units are air-conditioned.


A camp registration form will be available on the website in the near future.


Six RV spots are available at $12 per night. They have full hookups. Please indicate on your registration sheet if you desire an RV spot.


Registrations will be accepted at the March, April and May camps as well as by mail. We will be accepting credit card registrations for this camp. There is a 2% - 4% fee for credit card transactions depending on the type of card used.


Requests for specific roommates may be made on the registration form. We will do our best to accommodate such requests.



Below is a video of the KAC rehearsal held on June 23rd, 2007 at 4 DAY camp at CBU in Riverside, CA.