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Notice of December Board of Directors Meeting

By adminkac - Posted on 22 November 2010

Kingsmen Starcorps Board of Directors Meeting
Month of December 2010
Date: 12-05-2010
Time: 1:00PM
Location: Home of Wally Buice, Anaheim, CA

The Kingsmen Board of Directors will meet on Sunday, December 5th, 2010 for our required monthly meeting. The meeting is open to the public, as are all meetings. All we ask is if you decide to attend the meeting, please let us know in advance so that we can reserve a seat for you.

Anyone wanting to step up and become a part of the decision making process needs to submit a "Letter of Intent" for a said position. We have a couple positions open on the Board, one position being the Booster Club President.

Contact WallyBuice for more information on 'Open Positions'.

Also, a non-board position of KAC Corps Director is available to lead the KAC.