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By adminkac - Posted on 15 March 2010


To all Kingsmen,

      During the restructuring of our Kingsmen, we are in need of your support to see our organization stay active in these hard economic times of 2009/2010. We are asking for everyone to assist in getting us past this upcoming dilemma that will put us under if things continue as they currently are.
We need everyone’s help with a small donation of your choice to guarantee that the Kingsmen will make it past this.

Remember all the good times? Remember the "Hardship Fund" that helped fellow Kingsmen that just couldn't afford the fees leading up to the Rose Bowl ‘07 project? It was family helping family to get each and every one of us on the field.

Well, the "Kingsmen Support Drive" is the same type of effort to help Kingsmen, but this time it's ALL Kingsmen because without some help it’s "Good-Bye" Kingsmen.
While writing this letter of help, I already saw two $20’s and a $10 come from fellow Kingsmen’s pockets. $50.00 in just a few minutes. That’s Kingsmen helping Kingsmen. How about it?
You can send a small Donation to us at:

Kingsmen StarCorps Inc.
2255 W. Ball Road, P.O. Box 2665
Anaheim, Ca.  92814

Your Contribution is Greatly Appreciated.
"Kingsmen helping Kingsmen"
Thank You for your support.