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Kingsmen Alumni Corps 2007 Roster

By adminkac - Posted on 19 January 2010

The following is a list of Kingsmen Alumni Corps Members that performed with the KAC at DCI Semi-Finals on August 10th 2007.

KAC Member List: Marched DCI 8/10/07

Section/Instrument/Last Name/First Name/Dot#

Colorguard Captain Wraight Karen G1
Colorguard Flag Adams Becky Jo F10
Colorguard Flag Butler Andrea F17
Colorguard Flag Clark Debbie F3
Colorguard Flag Clark Karen F7
Colorguard Flag Cromwell June F18
Colorguard Flag Cumming Mhairi F20
Colorguard Flag De la Torre Laura F11
Colorguard Flag Dean Louana F26
Colorguard Flag Ellington Robbie F6
Colorguard Flag Ennaco Christi F24
Colorguard Flag Gibbons Paula F28
Colorguard Flag Heckman Maureen F9
Colorguard Flag Humburg Kim F2
Colorguard Flag Kent Kari F23
Colorguard Flag Leiterman Monika F22
Colorguard Flag Majer Nancy F21
Colorguard Flag Manus Janice F4
Colorguard Flag Morrell Elizabeth F19
Colorguard Flag Mueller Karen F15
Colorguard Flag Nance Debbi F31
Colorguard Flag Nance Diane F32
Colorguard Flag Otto Lynne F16
Colorguard Flag Paquin Wendy F8
Colorguard Flag Powell Barbara F30
Colorguard Flag Salgado Diane F25
Colorguard Flag Senesac Michelle F29
Colorguard Flag Short Lavon F27
Colorguard Flag Smart Tina F14
Colorguard Flag Werner-Fulton Becky F12
Colorguard Flag Williams Laurie F5
Colorguard Flag Yarnell Sara F13
Colorguard Flag Yee Diane F1
Colorguard Nationals Anderson Patricia N17
Colorguard Nationals Daniels Sherry N2
Colorguard Nationals Day Tom N21
Colorguard Nationals DeAngelis Jinny N1
Colorguard Nationals Fallon Rita N9
Colorguard Nationals Felkner Donna N13
Colorguard Nationals Fujimoto Marilyn N18
Colorguard Nationals Gourley Martie N20
Colorguard Nationals Graeber Mickey N10
Colorguard Nationals Lopez Patricia N3
Colorguard Nationals Medvec Merry N15
Colorguard Nationals Murray Kelle N7
Colorguard Nationals Ortiz Janice N12
Colorguard Nationals Park John N16
Colorguard Nationals Pendell Tori N6
Colorguard Nationals Sacksteder Elizabeth N4
Colorguard Nationals Smith Sandra N8
Colorguard Nationals Spack Alison N11
Colorguard Nationals Wells Deborah N19
Colorguard Rifle Batesole Karen R15
Colorguard Rifle Beard Stacey R20
Colorguard Rifle Bishop Margaret R21
Colorguard Rifle Braga Vickie R3
Colorguard Rifle Cole Jennie R14
Colorguard Rifle Dietel Deirdre R2
Colorguard Rifle Eder Deborah R8
Colorguard Rifle Fawver Melinda R11
Colorguard Rifle Gastelo Beverly R5
Colorguard Rifle Gough Dale R9
Colorguard Rifle Jackson Donna R12
Colorguard Rifle Johnson Madge R18
Colorguard Rifle Jordan Carol R13
Colorguard Rifle Kosciolek Karen R24
Colorguard Rifle Macias Sue R7
Colorguard Rifle Markham Linda R22
Colorguard Rifle Mindiak Kathy R10
Colorguard Rifle Morrow Chris R25
Colorguard Rifle Murray Brenda R16
Colorguard Rifle Peterson Debra R17
Colorguard Rifle Robins Belinda R1
Colorguard Rifle Serksnis Kathy R6
Colorguard Rifle Smith Anita R23
Drum Major Bandy David X3
Drum Major Drum Major Hall Rex X4
Drum Major Hertel Don X7
Drum Major Iwanaga Charles X9
Drum Major Kean Garrison X1
Drum Major Mason Andre X5
Drum Major Turner Ed X8
Drum Major Weinberg David X6
Drumline Bass Darling Dino D4
Drumline Bass DeAngelis Lenny D7
Drumline Bass Frederick Bob D10
Drumline Bass Gillett Casey D1
Drumline Bass Litten Steve D5
Drumline Bass Lucero Glen D3
Drumline Bass Medwig Kevin D6
Drumline Bass Polacek William D2
Drumline Bass Razo Michael D9
Drumline Bass Willey Kevin D8
Drumline Cymbals Amaya Robert Y7
Drumline Cymbals Cole Aubrey Y9
Drumline Cymbals Geimann Bill Y2
Drumline Cymbals Linscott Brack Y8
Drumline Cymbals Pedroza Ray Y4
Drumline Cymbals Vliet Kevin Y6
Drumline Cymbals Warmbier Steve Jr. Y10
Drumline Cymbals Warner Cindy Y3
Drumline Cymbals Wraight Steve Y5
Drumline Mallets Budiman Shylke P5
Drumline Mallets Scarvie Rick P7
Drumline Mallets Silon Ted P3
Drumline Mallets Tesar Scott P6
Drumline Mallets Tran Wendy P4
Drumline Pit Parvin Greg P8
Drumline Snare Adkins David $13
Drumline Snare Aliviado Edgar $2
Drumline Snare Bonney Bruce $5
Drumline Snare Brown Earl $7
Drumline Snare Devlin Dave $8
Drumline Snare Eiffert Larry $1
Drumline Snare Hurtado Fabian $15
Drumline Snare Kellogg Lance $3
Drumline Snare Kubitz Scott $12
Drumline Snare Lofgren Dale $9
Drumline Snare Meader Greg $11
Drumline Snare Pugh Mike $14
Drumline Snare Sacksteder Marty $16
Drumline Snare Wampler Gary $4
Drumline Snare Wilson Greg $10
Drumline Tenor Biondo Steve Q5
Drumline Tenor Cipres Sal Q8
Drumline Tenor Crew Edward Q7
Drumline Tenor Gonzalez Sam Q10
Drumline Tenor Middleton Larry Q4
Drumline Tenor Newton Jeff Q3
Drumline Tenor Newton Scott Q6
Drumline Tenor Nordeen Kevin Q1
Drumline Tenor Owens Thomas Q9
Drumline Tenor Stevens Chris Q2
Drumline Timpani Anderson Kevin T2
Drumline Timpani Anderson Steve T1
Drumline Timpani Clark Jerry T3
Drumline Timpani Jasionowski Paul P1
Drumline Timpani Kane Jim T4
Drumline Timpani Warmbier Steve T5
Hornline Baritone Allison Carl B28
Hornline Baritone Alva Ken B40
Hornline Baritone Baird Peter B9
Hornline Baritone Bowden Doug B2
Hornline Baritone Brown Robbie B11
Hornline Baritone Butler Tim B41
Hornline Baritone Courtis Len B29
Hornline Baritone Cromwell Bart B21
Hornline Baritone Feller Raymond B32
Hornline Baritone Ferdman Damon B15
Hornline Baritone Ferdman Diedra B30
Hornline Baritone Fitzgerald Jim B13
Hornline Baritone Gorman Frank B19
Hornline Baritone Grenier Jerry B33
Hornline Baritone Haberman Jeff B18
Hornline Baritone Hathaway Steve B24
Hornline Baritone Hayden Morgan B26
Hornline Baritone Huffman Robert B5
Hornline Baritone Isaacs Stephen B44
Hornline Baritone Keller Kevin B38
Hornline Baritone Kenyon Doug B20
Hornline Baritone Lightowler David B16
Hornline Baritone Long Mark B22
Hornline Baritone Marraffa Raffaele B3
Hornline Baritone Mekata Michael B8
Hornline Baritone Mineer Anthony B34
Hornline Baritone Monahan Kevin B7
Hornline Baritone Monroe Mark B12
Hornline Baritone Newton Ashley B35
Hornline Baritone Palmer Randy B17
Hornline Baritone Powers George B23
Hornline Baritone Ramos Barron B27
Hornline Baritone Rodriguez Oscar B14
Hornline Baritone Rough Tad B48
Hornline Baritone Sieveke Don B39
Hornline Baritone Van Keuren Timothy B42
Hornline Baritone Van Pelt Amy B45
Hornline Baritone Welke Chris B6
Hornline Baritone Winton Guy B31
Hornline Baritone Young Paul B36
Hornline Baritone Zeilinger Ron B25
Hornline Contra Adams Jeff C24
Hornline Contra Antonelli Tony C22
Hornline Contra Cotton Laurence C2
Hornline Contra Davis Richard C23
Hornline Contra Dean Craig C3
Hornline Contra Fallon John C7
Hornline Contra Groh Charlie C4
Hornline Contra Hare Wesley C10
Hornline Contra Horne Steve C15
Hornline Contra Kuehnert Ted C14
Hornline Contra Macias Victor C11
Hornline Contra Mihara Alan C20
Hornline Contra Moore Lester C9
Hornline Contra Murray Mike C16
Hornline Contra Ortega Steve C8
Hornline Contra Porter Mark C6
Hornline Contra Ramsey Michael C19
Hornline Contra Romanelli Mark C1
Hornline Contra Rybus Joe C5
Hornline Contra Schaafsma David C18
Hornline Contra Van Pelt Gary C21
Hornline Contra Watson Richard C17
Hornline French Horn Anderson Gary H4
Hornline French Horn Carreon Martin H9
Hornline French Horn Erbland John H16
Hornline French Horn Hayden Kathy H11
Hornline French Horn Hench Sandy H1
Hornline French Horn Kelley Kirk H13
Hornline French Horn Keres Rene H12
Hornline French Horn Marderos Gregory H7
Hornline French Horn Murray Katrina H10
Hornline French Horn Murray Lewis H5
Hornline French Horn Nash Glenn H14
Hornline French Horn Park Tim H2
Hornline French Horn Powers Bob H3
Hornline French Horn Puccio Mike B47
Hornline French Horn Thomas Greg H8
Hornline French Horn Vance Steve B46
Hornline French Horn Wraight Michael H6
Hornline French Horn Yeager Jeff H15
Hornline Mellophone Cross John M16
Hornline Mellophone Davis Jeff M12
Hornline Mellophone Ferdman Eric M10
Hornline Mellophone Ferdman Lori M5
Hornline Mellophone Gustafson Eric M2
Hornline Mellophone Leet Sandra M11
Hornline Mellophone Maaser Kraig M4
Hornline Mellophone Mallen Ray M7
Hornline Mellophone Martinez Bill M9
Hornline Mellophone McDonald Brent M3
Hornline Mellophone Olivo Paul M14
Hornline Mellophone Paul Joseph M15
Hornline Mellophone Saritzky Ron M1
Hornline Mellophone Willey Kelly M13
Hornline Soprano Aslakson John S35
Hornline Soprano Barbee Ron S5
Hornline Soprano Beachin Bob S31
Hornline Soprano Benge Tim S22
Hornline Soprano Broderick Janet S38
Hornline Soprano Bryant Craig S40
Hornline Soprano Buice Wally S12
Hornline Soprano Burns Rick S8
Hornline Soprano Caro Larry S34
Hornline Soprano Carter Edith S26
Hornline Soprano Cary Greg S29
Hornline Soprano Counts Walt S28
Hornline Soprano FurFuro Joe S7
Hornline Soprano Gourley Garry S3
Hornline Soprano Holt Curtis S11
Hornline Soprano Huff Dave S15
Hornline Soprano Kimmick Jim S39
Hornline Soprano Kubacki Glenn S19
Hornline Soprano Laird Steven S27
Hornline Soprano Lee Gary S36
Hornline Soprano Lee Keith S37
Hornline Soprano Lee Kristin S18
Hornline Soprano Lee Lance S18
Hornline Soprano Lingenfelter Tom S41
Hornline Soprano Lopez Tony S14
Hornline Soprano Maciejewski John S20
Hornline Soprano Maciejewski Marcus S9
Hornline Soprano Marsh Ralph S42
Hornline Soprano McAdams Michael S21
Hornline Soprano Norris Phil S6
Hornline Soprano Palmer John S23
Hornline Soprano Ricotta Tony S30
Hornline Soprano Rivera Liz S44
Hornline Soprano Rotsch Howard S24
Hornline Soprano Sanchez Raymond S32
Hornline Soprano Serrano Mike S43
Hornline Soprano Smith Darryl S13
Hornline Soprano Sobacki Jim S4
Hornline Soprano Van Wuyckhuyse Ken S10
Hornline Soprano Varner John S16
Hornline Soprano Ventura Steve S1
Hornline Soprano Viviano Bob S17
Hornline Soprano Weir David S2
Hornline Soprano Wilbur Keith S33

2007 Kingsmen Alumni Corps Instructional Staff:

Visual: David Weinberg, Charlie Groh, Greg Thomas & Charlie Iwanaga

Brass: Garrison Kean, Mike Duffy, Phil Norris, George Powers & Greg Woll

Percussion: Michael Ellerby, Jim Whobrey, Steve Biondo, Dale Lofgren, Jerry Garcia & Don Porter

Rifles: Brenda Murray & DeDe Dietel

Flags: Diane Nance & Kim Humburg

Drill Design: David Weinburg

Corps Director: Garrison Kean

Executive Director: Jim Whobrey