Download of the Week: 1987 Velvet Knights

Download of the Week: 1987 Velvet Knights - Ask any corps fans that?ve been around awhile what groups come to mind when they hear the words ?fun and drum corps,? and ?Velvet Knights? (or more likely, ?VK?) will no doubt be one of the names that instantly rolls off their tongues. The ?2 ... []

April 2011 meeting of Board of Directors

Kingsmen Starcorps Inc.
Board of Directors
Notice of April Meeting
Date: Sunday, April 03, 2011
Time: 1:00 PM
Location: Home of Wally Buice
The April meeting of Board of Directors is scheduled for Sunday, April 03, 2011. Items of discussion are compiled from required monthly reports, along with progress results from the current business as well as the final results from items that have been completed since the last meeting.  New business can be added to the agenda for open discussion if submitted by 8:00PM the Friday just before the Sunday meeting.

You can reserve a seat or submit a "Letter of Intent" by contacting either:
Wally Buice at
Howard Rotsch at

See you at the meeting,

Wally Buice,
Alumni and new parents,

You are 'Welcome'  to help the Corps by volunteering a couple hours a month by working with the Booster Club as a Committee member or volunteer.

Or the 'Open House Committee' needs folks to organize and run the event.
Or with on-going Recruiting- to actively get the word out.

We have a place for anyone that wants to Help!

To Help, please contact:

Fred Frederick-Corps Director
Debby Bevins- Corps Manager

All Horns Bulletin!

Saturday, March 19 · 9:30am - 1:00pm

CrossPoint Church
6950 Edison Avenue
Chino, CA 91710

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The Family of Gary VanPelt, '07 Kingsmen Alumni Kontra, have asked for the playing of "Amazing Grace" at Gary's funeral this Saturday.

The plans are evolving, but this is what I know at this time:

Est meet & rehearse: 9:30am
Location probably at the church where the services will be held

Dress will be "old school" Kingsmen jackets and ties

Music is currently available from Peter Baird, please contact him directly for it and to sign up. We need a headcount to ensure a balanced sound. or 661-609-7907

Anyone is invited to participate, you do not need to have marched in the Kingsmen Alumni Corps. We are all brothers and sisters in music.

No percussion or guard is requested at this time, brass only.

Non-drum corps instruments are a possibility as well (ie trombones), contact Peter to see if it fits.

Everyone is invited and welcome to attend the Funeral Services at 11am.

Anyone wishing contact info for the family, please contact me directly for that info.

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2005-11-26 Rehearsal at CBU-2

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DC-eye: Drum corps 101

DC-eye: Drum corps 101 - Matt E. submitted this photo and caption. I don't know how this ranks on the "Drum Corps Nut" scale, but I listen to what I think is a lot of corps' music. I've created a play-list at work with my favorites and today, I noticed... []