DCI@40: Marching Forward

DCI@40: Marching Forward - From the high-stepping, boot-wearing days of marching units of the past, the drum corps activity has been on a trajectory of continual evolution, coming a long way since Drum Corps International?s founding four decades ago. This second ins... [DCI.org]

Local Drum Corps Shows

June 30 - Walnut, CA (23.5 miles)
Corps at the Crest Walnut
July 15 - Bellflower, CA (24.0 miles)
So Cal Classic Open Class Championship
July 1 - Riverside, CA (30.6 miles)
Western Corps Connection
June 29 - Oceanside, CA (41.4 miles)
Corps at the Crest San Diego

Read more: http://www.dci.org/schedule/index.cfm?mode=location#ixzz1pn7p7h00

DCI@40: The Performers & The Performances

DCI@40: The Performers & The Performances - For some, it started out simply enough as a way to stay out of trouble ... something for neighborhood kids to do in the summertime. Over time, it became a lifestyle ... a right of passage ... a source of intense pride ... an opportunity for tr... [DCI.org]